Craving Change

Are you looking for a change?

Do you feel like something is missing and that you are contemplating making a move?

Are you frequently asking yourself: should I go or should I stay?

Are you trying to decide whether or not to break up with your partner?

Do you feel like the current circumstances are suffocating or paralyzing you in any way?

Are you bored and in need of new excitement or adventure?

 Stop there for a moment.

Let’s try to find your true intention behind the need or craving for that change because that will reveal you some useful information. Ask yourself: “What is going on with me emotionally and vibrationally? Am I bored? Am I feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with my current circumstances?”

 If the answer is, then it is not a good enough reason for you to go. Whenever you are feeling negative emotions or just simple boredom, it means that you are out of alignment. Thus, you tend to think that a change of scenery will solve your problem.

But I can tell you that it will not. It can look like it will but only for a short period of time, because anything that is different and new will shift your energy. It will give you new tasks to focus on, new problems to solve, it will show up as an adventure and will excite you for a while. But you will soon enough get back to the same vibrational frequency that made you quit the previous settings. It is like when doctors are trying to treat symptoms instead of the root cause. 

I know that you might defend yourself by saying: “I like change, I like learning new things.” But the fact that you are not happy at your current settings means that you are not managing your vibration well, meaning that you are not at the place vibrationally where you could see things clear. You just feel that something is off and you have the desire to change that.

In reality you are longing for the sweet feeling of alignment. In other words, the alignment with your higher self, and now you are creating desires from the lack of having it. That is telling the Universe: “I do not have it” and the Universe will match you up with that.

If you could take a moment and find true joy in your current situation, the Universe could bring you new ways to evolve and expand you. In fact, it will bring situations that will give you a positive feeling and vibration.


Because you have been attracting them from feeling positive and not negative. And according to law of attraction, like attracts like.

So just take a moment and think: “What do I want to attract?”

See you soon