Conventional and Unconventional

My path of late has been filled with obstacles, mazes, short cuts and workarounds as well as bear traps and light orbs. The only being that understands how to best teach me how to be a proficient Lightworker in a lightning storm is my Spirit Animal, Brewster. When I close my mouth and open my 3d eye Brewster shows me how to find my way home blindfolded and holding his leash.

He is forgiving, loving, alert and mindful of smells and noises. Like me, he is changing, evolving, learning from both his successes and mistakes. I know him like the back of my hand. Everyone else has an agenda. Each of these agendas differ from each other in significant ways. Brewster who is my familiar cheers on my successes and guards against my failures.

He also has a calming effect on those that are fed up with my processes, tangled up in my thorn bushes, and tired in general with the way I go from letter A to letter Z only to return to the letters A, B, C, D, E, F and so on until we return to Z. Brewster you deserve a vacation to Hawaii, or a Jack Rabbit chase remembered for a lifetime.

Tell me your experiences unfolding. To all those other beings and other Spirits, other Human beings, Animal Entities and Plant Entities and anyone else that may deserve many Kudos, Know that I love you and believe it is possible for you to go over, under, around, through these obstacles or better yet, I sense that it is time to Journey through them, learn from them, and discover the abilities of said obstacles to become living allies, and Plant teachers, Animal Teachers, Orbs and Crystal Teachers. I commend you all for your gifts, your love, and your concern. Someday you will remember giving birth to this agenda.

Hopefully each of you will bond with the group and with its individual members. Perhaps it will be a mixed bag of eternal flames. Or a spring full of potable water. It could be all but one of us wearing a Kimona. I pray it will be a place where we will share our thoughts and feelings,. I place an importance on being kind to each other as individuals. Equally important is to be kind to the group. The group is even greater than the sum of individuals. The strength of the group gives me pause. I have faith in the individuals, individual energies, spirits and entities. It will make my spirit soar and my tears will water hard working plants. Music shared and experienced by all of the group has great potential for sound healing. I say bring it on.