Conquering Fear

Today has been a day of dealing with fear and then trying to conquer it.  We all have fear and it can be difficult to overcome.  For me it comes with the pitter patter of my heart and a feeling of losing my breath.  Sometimes it feels like my stomach drops and the anxiety starts to overwhelm me.  It can come from different sources such as health, love or finances.  When I felt that feeling of panic, I reached for my essential oils and then sit back and assess what is going on inside myself.  Today the oil was lavender, something to sooth the anxiety.   Identifying what is going on, is the first thing I do.  I look at what is causing my anxiety and I allow myself to feel it.  Then I begin the process of concious breathing.  In through my nose and slowly out through my mouth.  Bringing in light and positive right into my being.  With each breath letting go the tension, the fear and the worry. I know the importance of letting it go and not holding onto it.  I have to remind myself that worry doesn’t help.  Instead I decide to take a moment for a short meditation.  While I was meditating it struck me that in order to conquer fear you have to give into it in ways.  Making yourself open to experience what you are afraid of and then just getting right in there and tackling the fear.   Breathing, meditating and giving it to the universe is where I left it…..tomorrow will be another day.  I will start with hope, peace and love.