Confessions of a reluctant psychic

I came into this work through a friend who was doing similar psychic work through the phones. From an early age, my father assisted me in honing my intuition and being open to the spirit world.

He would read to me some of the Edgar Cayce publications. He helped me to make sense of a foretelling dream that occurred on the same evening that my Aunt Mildred passed over. He saw to it that I had access to spiritual information from different cultures as a child. He was strongly influenced by Native American culture as he owned two western art galleries and was friends with these artists. I spent time with a few of these painters and learned the importance of spirituality in daily life and practice.

I attended a Pow Wow as a child. This helped me to make a bridge between art and spiritual traditions. It also helped me to begin to look to the natural world for signs and symbols and their importance in daily life. I learned to trust in my intuition, my gut instinct. He helped me to connect with animal helpers as they showed themselves in my artwork. I was learning my own universal art and beginning to understand messages coming through. This would prepare me for journeying in the future. I formed a close bond with animals and plants.

My father helped me to make sense of my dreams and encouraged me to take an active role in my dream time. I received not only messages from my dreams but learned how to be an active participant in my dreams. This included standing up to a person who was chasing me or dreaming as a hawk flying above the landscape or to dream of looking at my hands.

I later learned that the Sufis have advanced knowledge of creative or active dreaming. This includes lucid dreaming. Briefly this is dreaming while awake. More on that in a future blog. When I was just eleven my father took me to India which has a rich and ancient culture very different from the Judeo-Christian.

I learned from a man who ran the guesthouse that thousands of years ago people in India were visited by gods or aliens who gave them the technology to make rockets and space ships. Later that technology was lost to this civilization. I also learned that there are many gods in the Hindu tradition. My father helped me to be open and receptive to cultural traditions other than my own. He encouraged me to be open to the teachings and traditions of many cultures. He helped me to understand the importance of the collective consciousness. I consider myself a world citizen and a work in progress.