Collective Energy

Some people are what’s known as an empath.  An empath is someone who can feel the emotions of other people.  It doesn’t stop at feeling the emotions of the people around you, though.  Empaths can feel the emotions of groups of people, entire countries, the whole world.  As you can imagine, this can put some strain on you emotionally. The past couple of years, I began to notice that I was feeling collective energy.

Since collective energy is like constant background noise, it’s hard to notice that you’re feeling it at all.  But when I began connecting more with the earth and grounding myself, I could see more clearly what feeling was mine, and what was not.  And that’s when I saw the collective energy.   So what type of collective energy can we connect to?  The main energy I pick up on has to do with major institutions and advertising.  There is a  “collective consciousness” for every brand.  However, we want to feel our own energy, not the energy of a bank or a McDonald’s, or universities, political ads, the news, government or entertainment industries.

Each of these has collective energy that can grab at us. It’s helpful from time to time to consciously release collective energy during meditation.  Simply stating, “I release all collective energies,” though simple, is actually pretty effective.  It’s important to be in a relaxed state of mind when doing this release.  It’s also good to give some examples of energy you wish to let go of.  You can state whatever pops into your mind.  For example, you could say, “I release all collective energies, including grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and schools.”  And once you release them, breathe your own soul energy in.  To do this, imagine that you were pulling in light through the top of your head as you breathe in.

When you exhale, send all of that light circulating throughout your body and out through your feet into the earth. Doing this meditation a couple of times a week – or more, if needed – can help you to maintain your energy levels and calm your mind.  When collective energy is attached to you, sometimes it can make your head spin.  So if you consider yourself to be sensitive, take care of yourself by consciously releasing emotion that is not yours, and breathing in your energy, to make it stronger.  The stronger your energy is in your body, the less likely foreign energy will attach to you at all. Doing this exercise will help immediately, and if kept up over time, can help you to feel calmer and more focused.  It’s highly recommended!