Clearing Energy Before Bed

Need a healthy alternative to sleeping pills? I wanted to share a couple of bedtime routines that I practice because I really believe it will be helpful for you as well. So that you may have a restful sleep and wake up feeling good.

Most people don’t take the time to release the energies accumulated throughout the day before going to bed. They just fall into bed and that’s it – but that’s not ideal. We are sensitive beings and are exposed to so much every day.  All of the energy we have been exposed to throughout the day is still with us and so here are a couple more methods I have found helpful for clearing all that you have collected throughout your day.

1) Before climbing into bed take an energy bath with Sage Smudge yourself with sage – Smudging is a Native American practise that uses herbs that are burnt and waved through the aura to cleanse the energy. Simply pass the smoke over all areas of your body starting from your head to your feet.

2) OM – Chant OM out loud or in your head while visualizing waves of brilliant violet light pouring into your Crown Chakra and flushing out all unwanted energies through your body and out of your feet.