Cleansing Negative Energy

Energies can impact our daily lives, especially inside our homes. Our home should be a sanctuary, a place to retreat to get away from the noise of the outside world. It is important to keep our homes free of negative and full of positive energy. There are events that bring in negative energy.

There are events that will set me into what I call cleaning therapy. Let’s say I have had an argument, a breakup, a move into a new space, an illness or anytime I’m going to start a new creative project – that is time to start the cleansing.

A readjustment of energy will make your sanctuary more relaxing and will help your own sanity as well as your relationships. I always start with the cleaning of my space, I use essential oils and for cleansing the energy I use a combination of lavender, lemon and peppermint to clean with.

After I get everything wiped down, I also take myself down with meditation. In my meditation I let all the negative energy that I feel that is inside me, escape right out the top of my head. When I finish the meditation I burn sage around my space, making sure to get corners, closets and cabinets.

Spreading the sage and chanting, “Pushing the negative out, embracing and calling the positive in”. I then bring the white and blue light attached with positive energy into my space and being, filling every nook and cranny with love and positive. One more thing, please remember when people bring items into your home, those items carry the energy of the people who own them. Be careful what you are letting into your home.

I bet you have your own rituals, what do you do to cleanse??