Most common problem is a cheating lover or spouse. Nothing else hurts like this. No one dies but inside you there is a death of love. To align yourself with the feelings you have is an effective way to locate a truth. You have a feeling. This is something that should be easy to validate or explain but it seldom is explainable, but… He or she develops a new pattern. A new work schedule with an evening meeting that grows longer and longer in time. A club that they join that is now not accepting new members. Work related travel with no work related compensation. A sign. Communication acceleration or breakdown. They hide their phone. They get a call and leave the room. This could be your imagination but the tell is the way you feel when you hear the voice, the pauses, and you are transported back to a time when that voice was just for you. Three is new objects in the environment. A disposable coffee cup by the passengers seat. A comb or hair barrette on the floor. A seat adjusted differently in the car.

The feeling you have is a feeling of apprehension and validation at the same time. You don’t want to accuse. You don’t want to get this validation. The fourth sign. Someone tells you something. They saw your significant other with someone else. You may have been praying for signs, and they have come now also comes the deadening feeling as you try to deny the truth. Angels are the fifth sign. You have been devastated, your heart is ice and your brain is on fire. This mood intensifies through the days and then it happens you read a text, you overhear a conversation or you actually accidentally see the two of them together. Validation for something you have psychically known for a while.

As you pack your clothes and move out, or put theirs in a box on the porch or in the hallway remember that the warnings you felt and heard in your heart were real. Now those same feelings are going to provide a direction to move forward. Trust yourself. Believe in your abilities. Love will come again and your journey is far from over.