Call of the Wild

Animal psychology isn’t as tricky or as hard as people make it.  The obvious is that animal behaviour is constantly having to adapt, and more rapidly than ever due to our growing population. Revolutionizing is left up to the natural world to co-exist with us. Our expectation of animal intelligence is more evolved than it naturally is. We keep pushing back the animal habitat as our population spans.

When the wilds of our untouched forestry crosses the line between human and animals we either capture and cage them or kill them;  yet we visit the forests all the time putting ourselves in danger of these vicious predators with no thought of our invading their space.

What we fail to realize is that any animal (predator) in its natural habitat doesn’t attack or kill for the sake of attacking or killing.  If they don’t feel threatened by humans they stay out of sight or walk right on past us with no thought of what we are doing there.  It’s not that they adapt its more that they tolerate us unless we mean to do them harm.