Bringing in the Light

I find it important to be mindful each day to bring in light and positive energy.  I always start with breathing to bring in the positive.  Taking a few extra minutes just to concentrate on my breath, breathing in slow and steady and out with intention and love.  Being filled with gratitude and filling my soul with the things I’m grateful for, help bring in the light.  Probably the hardest thing to do during our daily lives is be present in the moment.

We are carried away with stress and the busy in our lives.  Remembering to smell the roses, to watch a bug and skip across the yard, and bringing out our inner child is essential in pulling in the energy we need each day.  Drinking water, sleeping and meditation are essential to my daily plan of increasing the flow.  The proper nourishment of our body, mind and spirit are essential to blossoming into our full potential.  Remembering where we plant our roots, how we nourish ourselves and the positive we bring into ourselves helps us handle our day.

I feel that the positive we put out comes right back to us.  Take one moment, one breath at a time and spread love.  Give that compliment, hug or kiss.  I promise the more positive you give out, it comes right back.  So spread that love, light and laughter.  Have a great day, look forward to chatting soon!