We have all have had them some are more devastating than others they hurt and as a psychic, I hear tragic break up stories every week. But what do we do when we have a break up to move on. When you are in love hormones are released it is known that the first year of marriage is hardest because there is such intense romance leading up to the wedding than when reality hits the body can only produce so many endorphins before it runs out and depression can kick in.

With any break up intense emotions are released a soul connection is made with the person you have been in a relationship with all of a sudden there is a void the body stops producing those endorphins or good feeling hormones depression and grief kicks in.

A relationship has a life and when it’s over its like death, there is a natural grieving process. But what do we do to move on from the breakup. Acceptance the other person has moved on they may have cheated getting back at them is just going to bring you bad karma and get you involved in the drama that you really don’t need at this stage. Grieving giving your chance to grieve your loss is healthy it could take weeks but don’t let it take months don’t let it hold you back like that.

Cut the cord from the person you have been with, delete the pictures the contacts. It’s ok to remember the happy times but when your mind starts wandering back into that dark place of the void that person used to fill. Bring it back to reality it is over.

Acceptance that this is not the end. You will meet someone else and there comes a time when you need to get back on the horse and find your true love. He or she is out there and this where a psychic can be so beneficial in helping you look in the right place at the right time and give you insight on what you’re looking for. You might be hurting today because you had a bad break up and I feel for you but this is not the end rather it is a new beginning and there is a better deal for you just around the corner.