Being the Light

With the uncertain and hectic times that surround our world, in which we are being bombarded with fear being the true light that you are is needed to help us as a collective and planet right now.

We all come here as love, and love is what will help dissolve the illusions, controls, and fear we are all facing. Fear can not exist where love  and light is present. 

Each day imagine a pillar of light, coming down from the sun into youre body and then anchor it all the way to the earth. Open youre heart and send waves of love and light into the world.By doing this you are the light, and this is why we came here we agreed to be on this earth at this time. We agreed to help the transition from dark to light which is happening right now!

Lets not get focused on the ploarities in life, and all the ditractions and tactics to keep us seperate and in fear. We are all one, and we are all light. 

Our state of being, and what we send into the world has a ripple effect and touches and transforms so much, not only in our inner lives but everything around us.

The world needs your light !