Being Successful

How do you personally define success for yourself? Is it achieving a certain goal in your career? Is it a certain amount of money on your bank account or a certain car in your garage? Is it all about material possessions?

For most people success revolves around money or the acquisition of property and other possessions. I personally think that success can and should mean more than that. Something that is easier to achieve, something that truly makes us happy long-term, something that everyone has the right and capacity to have. For example freedom or just a state of happiness without any particular reason.

Achieving that mental state and being able to maintain it, is true success, I think. A healthy mind and body is also something lot of us wish and long for. The person who has achieved that is highly successful in my eyes. Not lucky, but successful. I believe that there are few things of greater value than feeling good about ourselves, our body, our mind, our life and just feeling generally happy. Does it have to be conditional?