Autumn Memories

It’s autumn here in Australia, and I have begun my yearly ritual of spending time in the garden gathering leaves and thoughts. The days are growing noticeably shorter as the Earth aligns towards its winter Sun trajectory. I have a garden bed that has been neglected for 15 years, as my little ones grew so big and bright. Now, I have the time and the motivation to tackle the weeds and see if I can reclaim a garden out of the chaos.

A few weeks ago, I nearly stepped on a deadly snake that was 4 feet long and heading towards that part of the garden, so I’m mindful and careful as I skirt around the edges and begin to pull the outworn layers away. It’s a process that I mustn’t hurry as the snakes are not yet asleep for the winter rest. The season is on my side, and I know it’s just a matter of being patient and allowing the cool to creep over the land before I dive into the deep end and really tackle the brambles, thistles, and rocky parts. Still, it’s nice to have a little side project that tempts me into nature after a busy morning of service and doing readings for clients.

The afternoons are blessed with a warmer vibe than replaces the morning chill. I tread carefully around this long-forgotten garden and reflect on the long-forgotten dreams and memories that lay within. As I remove the outworn layers in this old garden, I look forward to the new growth resulting from my hard work and perseverance. Surely by springtime, the flowers will be in full bloom, and I can appreciate the effort expended during this autumn time. Sometimes doing inner work is treacherous; you have to tread carefully, but unpacking the outworn layers and removing the deadwood allows something fresh to blossom.

I find it helpful to have a certain time of the year where I can unpack and go over the things that need processing and those that need moving away from to encourage the best growth and ability to thrive. For me, that is the autumn time, a darkening time for some, but the rewards are worthwhile in the springtime.

When is your favorite time to unpack memories? Do you have any rituals that help this process?