Are your pets communicating with Spirits?

It has long been evident that animals can access forms of communication and energy that are not able to be seen by us as easily.  I do see evidence of this in my dog; my puppy becomes obsessed with a particular area of ground.  I believe a ghost resides there, and it contains energy that my puppy can access.

There is a sense of a presence being of there that is eternally sleeping,  and a sharp scent of pine needles pervades this space.  My dog becomes frantic when near this spot and tries to chase this spirit away and send him back to the underworld.  Being an old place it has a checkered past, and we have long been told about the ghost that inhabits this area.  It was a tragedy which occurred over 40 years ago.  His restless spirit is evidently still able to be seen by my dog.

My puppy tries his best to chase this ghost away, but to no avail, as he is there again the next day.  I believe he sees this gentleman who passed away tragically all those years ago.   I understand he means us no harm, but I do feel his spirit is still deeply troubled, and he is having trouble adjusting to the other side.  It’s startling how quickly my dog sees this man, and how excited and agitated he becomes whenever he passes this place.