ArchAngels 101

When thinking about Archangels, we tend to think of a gallant and beautiful Archangel Michael with his sword at the ready and covered in glittering armour, wings fluffed and outstretched to the Heavens. That’s quite the biblical image, pulled straight out the Bible and stained glass paintings – However they are so much more than just a force of armoured fury and Justice. Firstly, many believe there are only two or three Archangels that exist, when in fact there are many.

Each of these Archangels have a certain speciality, even though they are proficient in any need you may have of them. I personally associate each Archangel with a Ray of Light and call upon the Seven that have come to me to present their help in my many meditations and spiritual duties.

That List is as follows: Michael (Archangel of Protection, associated with the color blue)

Raphael (Archangel of Healing, associated with the color green)

Gabriel (Archangel of Heavenly Messages, associated with the color red and silver) Uriel (Archangel of Light and Teaching, associated with the color yellow)

Chamuel (Archangel of Love, associated with the color pink and orange)

Jophiel (Archangel of beauty and Illumination, associated with the color indigo)

Zadkiel (Archangel of Personal Discovery and Breakthrough, associated with the color purple/violet)

Each being has a different personality and voice and will come to you in dreams and meditation when your life changes call upon their speciality. In dreams they usually prefer to appear as a random human or animal, usually noticed because they seem very lucid and appear to see into your soul, giving you an important message or image.

They also appear more often to those who make their life’s purpose similar to that Archangels concentration/speciality – For example, Uriel is particularly fond of teachers, Michael with travellers and members of the military, Chamuel with Pregnant mothers and lovers, etc. Inviting one of these guiding and protective beings into your life is very easy, as they are endlessly patient and attentive.

Each being can be called verbally or in your thoughts, simply by stating Archangel (Name of the archangel of you wish to call), I invite you to come to me from Heaven to assist/protect me in (The task you need assistance in), Thank you, Amen. If you are calling them into a certain space or location, then you will need a physical object that they find appealing or fitting for themselves. This is not to say they are picky, but these graceful beings do prefer clean areas that have a physical object that is symbolic of themselves and appreciate sweet-smelling incense, flowers, and crystals.

For example, having archangel Michael protect your vehicle would be as simple as putting a key chain on the mirror/dashboard tray, which can be anything from a pair of dog tags or set of angel wings to a simple blue crystal. This symbolic object can be anything you personally associated with an Archangel.