Apprehension and Validation

I once drove a mining truck. Don’t laugh. Psychics can do many things. We were in a work dispute with another mine, same union, on strike and wanting one days pay every paycheck I got. This was with me already supporting them with a donation. I crossed a line, physically, and emotionally, as I needed that days pay to take care of my children. I was a single parent then. There were a lot of us that boarded the bus and did. On our return trip, my friend said check your truck before you drive home and sure enough, there was a broken bottle in front of the tire.

I felt that kind of serious fear, creeping up my back. These people, doing this, were not my friends, or fellow workers, they were people, desperate and in that sense, they would do anything to make an example of me. We were renting a cabin at a resort about five miles outside of town.

So as I drove home I kept looking, I could feel someone following me. Sure, enough, as I made a turn that was a bit open I could see two pairs of headlights behind me. It was a moonlit night and I remembered the moon card. This card says when you can’t see what to do follow your own instincts. I let them follow me keeping to a normal speed and trying to remember the terrain ahead. About half a mile from where I was to turn I turned off my headlights. Plunged into the dark, and used the moon to navigate. I reached the turnoff to the resort and at that time put the car in neutral and turned it off. Navigated the dirt road down to our cabin. I went inside.

Mostly sat there in the dark till it was quiet. Until the feeling went away.I never crossed a picket line again. It is not worth it. They got two days worth of my pay, which I needed, but never mind. The feeling my co-worker had and the one I had of being followed were both valid. Trust your psychic feelings. They can keep you safe.