Answers in Dreams

Did you know that you could find answers while you sleep? Some of you remember your dreams every night at least a few times a week, some of you say that you do not dream.

I assure you that every one of us dreams at least five times a night. However, if you do have sleep problems and you’re not able to get into REM stage then it’s important to contact your doctor and see what you can do, or your naturopath as there are many natural remedies to help you. Because dreaming is a very important part of your mental health and physical well being. How can you ensure that you get into a rem state? One way is to get exercise a few times a week even if it’s just a long walk. You can also eat certain Foods a couple of hours before you go to sleep such as oatmeal, nuts and bananas and if you can handle it pasta.

HOW TO GET ANSWERS: Think of a question that you have, it might be as simple as why do I have heartburn? Or why is my boss bugging me at work?  Get a dream journal, can just be something from the dollar store, put it beside your bed and write this question at the top of the page. At the back of the book write the question again and tear this and put this under your pillow. It is just a gentle reminder for your subconscious.

Do this for seven days, and you will have an answer. The trick is to writing down the appropriate parts of your dream to get an interpretation. In your journal write down all of the characters in your dream beside each character write down the first three things that you think them. Write down the basic storyline. Note objects places and things as well as important colors. Look up each of these in a dream journal.