Animal Love

I often find myself standing in my kitchen, looking at the small zoo crowded around the feeding bowls and relate myself at that moment to doctor Doolittle. What is it about animals that we all universally adore? I believe wholeheartedly in animal therapy and in the serenity animals have to offer us. Through simple touch, we are returned with that feeling of calm, and of course, unconditional love.

Animals are a quiet escape and are a being, able to accept our emotional release without us having to expect anything back from them. They also do not feel burdened by our pain but have the amazing ability to disperse negative emotion in a resourceful and effective way. We put a lot of time and effort into taking care of them and adhering to their every need because we know that 5 minutes of bliss and escape from this stressful world will be totally worth it.

I believe they are a key to helping people who struggle with mental health illness and they have a quiet, wordless and unexplainable connection with humans, deeper than any fellow human can create.   Stroking animals released endorphins in our brain the equivalent of human contact such as a hug that lasts for 5 seconds.   But this is by no means one-sided. It is a truly blissful symbiotic relationship between two emotional creatures in need of one another. Whether it be for food, comfort or to feel some kind of connection, we are in this together and together we can help one another in the sometimes dark and dreary world.