Ancient Egyptian Reading

Today as I did my meditation I pulled a small reading and asked the guides for advice getting through some rough spots. 

The fires in California, the hurricanes and earthquakes around the world are showing mother earth trying to shake something off.  I asked the stones and this is the message I received – Maat – Goddess of Cosmic Harmony Truth – Honesty – Integrity. The order of the universe will win over any human pettiness or drama. 

Live for the moment and understand that karma and divine power will take care of the wrongs and will achieve balance in nature. The Pyramid – Structures of Power and Mystery Past Lives – Past Knowledge – Magic. This is where group prayer and effort step in.  Learn from our ancient past, pull from that experience and step into the future.  Know that your intuition will guide you in the correct direction. 

You are connected by your very cells to the information you need. Anat – Warrior Goddess Courage – Vigour – Voice. Gather your strength, make your voice heard and come together as this is the way to achieve what you want and need to survive.  Courage and positive energy is there for you.  Remember to step into nature to gather the energy to need to sustain the voice you will need.