An Interview with a Tarot Deck

Whenever I give a reading I get this reoccurring question of how I manage to understand my cards fully and know what they are telling me to the point I can have a conversation with them mentally while reading and interacting with a client.

The way this works is that each Tarot deck is very conscious, with a spirit to inhabit them – each with their own personality and voice in its own right. It’s also worth saying each spirit of my four Tarot decks takes the form of a different species of bird depending on the element and personality of the Tarot deck.

They take the form of a bird because birds are the messengers of the Universe and represent their purpose in helping me in my spiritual work. Each has a different species depending on both the images presented in the deck itself and its personality; such as my Ravens Prophecy deck unsurprisingly has a raven as its spirit, but its personality is also highly intelligent, mischievous, and impatient. Meanwhile, on the other hand, my Medicine Card oracle deck has a Hummingbird spirit and is extremely shy, truthful, and focuses on self-growth. Learning about your own personal deck is extremely easy, simply by shuffling the cards and asking either mentally or out loud what card represents the deck, and what the deck prefers to be used for.

This is essential because not all decks get along with everyone, for instance, my Raven deck may love giving readings to the general public, but my Wild Wood deck only likes Earth Zodiac signs shuffling them, and so forth. Its also beneficial to know your decks’ personality because you can only read so much from the card itself, any person can read the definitions of a card, but it takes a trained reader who is personal with their cards spirit and personality to be 100% accurate and be able to paint a picture of what your client wants to know.