A New Dog

I recently got a new puppy. My older dog passed of cancer a few months ago and I promised myself that I would heal the pain of loss with giving all the love that I had for him to a new dog. I know this is how my late dog would want me to honour our love. My puppy was the sweetest company in the world, loyally following me everywhere until his last moments where he chose to lay his head in my lap and love me silently.

The new puppy is only three months old and filled with energy. He chews just about whatever he can lay his paws on and wakes me up early in the morning barking and jumping with excitement. So suddenly I am now into daily walks on the beach and becoming more social. He is always so happy to see me walk through the front door even when I leave to throw the trash out. He looks at me with this face, as if it took me forever.

He is seven kilos of pure, unconditional love. Just by simply wagging his tail, it brightens my day. He keeps me in shape and has taught me how to love again.