A Healthy Relationship

Whether it is a love relationship or friendship, getting along and developing a lasting relationship takes lots of hard work.  I struggle, just like anyone else maintaining good ones.

When I am doing readings for people, getting along always comes up.  What qualities make a healthy relationship?  In looking at what has worked for me and what hasn’t, I would say the most important thing is that you love and accept yourself.  There are some things that I think are essential to any relationship.  Openness is a key factor, you have to share, not hold secrets and feel comfortable being yourself.  Trust the all-important struggle in relationships, without trust there really isn’t a relationship.

When it comes to respect, it is earned not given.  It needs to be equal and not a power issue.  When the struggle becomes about power, it is time for communication or to let go.  Emotional support is essential, not judging, showing acceptance and keeping integrity.  There is no room for gossip or being mean spirited.  Share what you have learned with others, listen to the stories they have to tell and be affectionate with one another.  Tell people you love them, check in on them and by all means hand out those hugs.  A maturity needs to be brought into each relationship.

It starts with self and being able to admit a mistake.  Taking responsibility for oneself is important, just as important as self-love.  You have to be able to admit you are wrong to move on.  The sense of humor must stay intact, along with positive energy and the passion to keep things interesting.  Be present with your loved ones, pay attention to what they need and be willing to accept the same for yourself. So here’s to wonderful, loving and passionate relationships.

Remember it is important to give the time to really get to know each other.  Know what is important, share it and connect.  It is all in the connection.