A Gift

I remember one time I met a woman at a teachers conference she said she felt the presents of god around her, another friend said she felt it when she was running.

I didn’t understand how in my head I thought you had to be in church or something lol I was a young mom and had recently just started getting involved in the church and religion, So I asked God for it, to understand it, to know it and to feel it, I wanted to feel the same presents and pleasure of god, i tried to manufacture it thinking ok maybe i would feel it when I would be praying or doing homework with the kids,

But I didn’t feel gods presents like others were explaining it, I couldn’t figure it out, or grasp the idea, after a while and going to church and praying I thought that maybe gods presence is just always around (which it is) But experiencing it which I learned now is amazing !!! Today, as I was driving a feeling just, took over I can’t really explain it but it was something that only you will know that it is the presents of the Lord and his love, and what I learned is that God IS always around but it is when you put all your faith and trust when you truly give it all to him and surrender the good and the bad to him, Its about a relationship with God. I can’t really explain the way I want but I have to say I didn’t deserve that gift as I felt not worthy enough to feel gods presence. Yet God is so awesome and merciful and happy to give his children the gift.

I told my boyfriend about my experience and he told me that he also felt that same feeling this past year as well. He said he felt gods delight and it was awesome and overwhelming,

I am writing this today because i just want you to know that God loves you and i pray that you may feel the presents of the Lord, that his love may overwhelm you and that you may also grow into a relationship with him.