A Blessing or a Curse

Perception is everything, and you do have the choice to change your perception. In life, things happen; the good, the bad, and even the ugly (to quote Clint). These events are often outside your personal control, but you do have the option of changing your perception, and in doing so, see events occurring in your life as a blessing, and as an opportunity for growth. This is the power of positivity, this is what I believe in, and this is how I live my life.

This year begins a process that has the potential to be felt as a burden, or as a storm cloud hanging over my life, but instead of dreading the future, I have decided to change my perception and view it as a blessing; a wonderful and exciting opportunity about to unfold. The event I’m referring to is called a multi-level surgery which will (if it goes ahead) be on my 9 years old daughter. It is four surgeries in one day on her legs and involves her not being able to stand up for a month afterwards, and spending months learning how to walk again.

Changing my perception has been fundamental in creating harmonious energy for myself and my daughter during this time. It allows her to see this event in positive terms and allows us both to release the fear and anxiety around this process.  Next week begins our journey that has lain dormant for 18 months, waiting for my daughter to grow into this window of opportunity. I won’t know for another month if she will be selected, but I will do my best to make sure I do what I can to allow her to take advantage of this opportunity, and to have it happen in a positive and embracing manner. I try to keep it real by telling her the surgery itself will be difficult, but that there are many exciting aspects to this process to look forward to. I focus on the positive and speak only in happy terms, and of looking forward to her being given this opportunity.

I feel blessed to live in a country that would provide this level of care to my daughter and thrilled she is able-bodied and intelligent enough to be considered for this opportunity. Whilst I know the months ahead will be difficult if it is decided appropriate for her to be given these surgeries, I embrace this journey with hope in my heart and positivity in my soul.

Are there parts of your life that you view negatively? Have you benefited from a change of perception? If so, leave a comment and fill me in.