5 things that might tell you he’s into you!

I Think He Likes Me But I’m Just Not Sure

Here are 5 things to help you figure it out.

Being sensitive and intuitive are things I look to when trying to figure out what is going on with a situation. Do you suspect someone has a crush on you?

  1. Body language is all-important: When you talk to him does he try to get close? Is he nervous when he enters your space? Try to pay attention – is he leaning toward you, brush up against you by accident or engage your eyes. Does he choose to sit close? Pay attention to small signals, stay present and you will be able to tell many things by reading his body.
  2. Feel the energy around him. I find if you can be still and pay attention to the energy around you, you will notice when someone is interested in you, there is a warmth and a buzz in the energy that happens. It almost feels like a magnet. Pay attention though, you are looking for a flow that runs both ways. Share a concern, worry or something that interests you, with him. When you share something that matters to you, if he cares about you he will respond in a caring fashion. For if he is interested, he will show his concern.
  3. Listen to your inner self. You are equipped with all the equipment you need to guide you in the correct direction if you will listen to your inner self. The center of you, the wisdom inside will help guide you when it comes to other persons, situations and decisions. Listen it is there for you.
  4. It’s all in the eyes. Does he look into your heart and soul when he looks at you? Looking into someone eyes tell you how they feel, what they are like and if you look deep enough you can make a connection at that very moment.
  5. Breathe and feel, and you will have a good idea of how he feels. Once you get the indicators it is okay to take to the next step……. the cup of coffee.