5 Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening

It may feel like you’ve gone mad because all of a sudden or it can also happen gradually you are experiencing things that those around you seem to be oblivious to.

The good news is, you’re not crazy you’re just experiencing a spiritual awakening.

1) You have an overwhelming feeling of love for yourself and others. And that love seems more important than anything else. This isn’t a sexual or romantic thing, although that’s not excluded.

It’s an intense thing to open the flood gates of love inside of us, and it really is unconditional. When you’re in the fullness of an awakened moment, you love everyone despite how awful someone may be towards you and others in the world.

2) There is deep peace. Like a still pound inside or like being at the center of the storm.

There can be chaos around you don’t feel touched by it. Your inner emotions that were once turbulent with fear, guilt, and shame all start to calm way down.

3) You see a wider perspective. It’s as if you only could see your surroundings with a tunnel vision. Then all of a sudden the bigger picture becomes oh so clear. The windows to the soul are wiped clean.

4) There is an increased attentions put your health and how you treat your body. Your food choices change to healthy ones and you begin to treat your body is a temple.

5) Strong connection to animals and nature and you feel drawn towards a more natural way of living. There is a sense that we own way too many things and our lives are way too complex. So your interests and life shift from complexity to simplicity, to getting back to nature and the simplicity of existence.