10 Components of a Healthy Relationship

In doing my readings I often hear about confusion on how to develop a relationship. I brought the idea up to my meditation this morning and these are the concepts that came to me.

Relationships aren’t meant to be difficult, they are supposed to flow. I have been in ones that haven’t worked out and ones that have.

The following components are the building blocks that I have noticed.

1. Trust: Trusting is key and essential. Honesty, trust and loyalty are cornerstones of the relationship.

2. Communication: You have to not only be able to express your needs and wants to your partner but to also listen. Hearing the other person leads to understanding.

3. Integrity: Honesty with yourself and others, valuing your beliefs and being transparent will help build the trust.

4. Give and Take: Equality with giving and taking in a relationship helps to keep the balance and harmony going. This is about wanting to share and appreciating what is given to us.

5. Quality Time: Time spent together that both people enjoy and gain satisfaction from. Giving as well as receiving time is a great gift.

6. Being Flexible: This means being able to compromise even with things you might not want to give in to.

7. Similar Value Systems: This doesn’t mean that you have to believe in exactly the same things, but it highlights the fact that you need to be comfortable with them.

8. Passions in common: Time together doing things we love helps grow the bond. Fun can be a way to expand the relationship and get to know each other better.

9. Respect: Respecting yourself and your partner is something that is earned and is developed over time. Without self respect or respect of your partner things will fall fast.

10. Nurturing: Wanting to care for your partner even during times of stress, conflict or illness, is a basic part of a relationship where the safe space and sanctuary are built.